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Looking into Technology Available for Squeezing in Important Events

Being a mom is a full time, but it’s not a 9-5 full time job, it’s a 24/7 full time job. During those 24 hours a day, a lot happens, including feedings, bathing, cleaning and playing. So, how does a mom squeeze in important events? By using the technology at her disposal.

Today, it’s a good idea to view smartphones as an investment as opposed to an expense. The smartphones of this era can save you money and time. Therefore, the phones Continue reading ‘Looking into Technology Available for Squeezing in Important Events’

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Updating Electronically Stored Calendars When Appropriate

There is no doubt that moms are incredibly busy all of the time. Because of this, it’s important to always stay as organized as possible in order to stay on top of everything and make life much easier. The development of smartphones introduced a valuable tool to the mom’s arsenal- the digital calendar. These calendars are incredibly easy to use and will remind you whenever you have an appointment or game that you need to show up for.

However, it’s not always possible to update Continue reading ‘Updating Electronically Stored Calendars When Appropriate’

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Preparing Schedules on a Mobile Calendar Regularly

As a mom, it can sometimes be difficult to juggle a career and family life. Managing the bills, picking up the kids, cooking dinner, making appointments, and working your scheduled shift takes a lot of time. Recently, my daily routine changed drastically. My husband took a job over the road. This left me with a ton of new responsibilities. I found myself unable to figure out how to start and end my days. So I decided to take full Continue reading ‘Preparing Schedules on a Mobile Calendar Regularly’

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Making a Schedule for Appointments, Chores, and Pick-Up Times

Being a mom is a full time job within itself. Between juggling the kids schedules, your schedule and household duties it is a wonder how moms can stay on top of everything at once. Being a full time mom is hectic to say the least. Kids often have so many activities going and remembering who has what when can be tiring and confusing. Everyone is busy but when you have non-drivers relying on you to escort them to their events having a way to keep track of everything can really be a necessity.
That is why it can be imperative for a full time mom to have some sort of help when trying to plan for appointments, chores and pickup times. Schedules are often delicate things leaving little time for errors or confusion. When your daughter has to be picked up from school, taken to dance, your son picked up from a different school, taken to soccer and you must find time somewhere in there to run by the dry cleaners and prepare dinner having an electronic organizer is really the only way to go. Having your entire schedule, not to mention shopping lists and notes, at the touch of a button can make any mom’s busy life easier.

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Scheduling Your Life

We’re sure you’ve got a master calendar at home, one day with “Sears Cabinet Refacing” and the next with “Dentist at 10!”but is it really keeping you organized? Here are a few tips for keeping your cool without losing it

Get a Smartphone: If you don’t have one already, a smartphone makes a great resource for busy moms. You can personalize a calendar that automatically syncs with your email and you can even set alarms all throughout the day.

Give Yourself 30: Make sure to schedule events further apart than you think you need to – at least 30 minutes – to allow for things like traffic, snack stops and even filling up the car with gas. The less rushed you are the more you’ll be able to get done.

Take a Day: Set aside one day each week that you don’t schedule one thing. It can be Wednesday or Friday but you’re going to need a day to play catch up and to relax – you may be running a household but it doesn’t have to be running your ragged!

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Choosing Technology Over a Calendar for Remembering Dates

You should really think about choosing technology over a calendar for remembering dates. There are many different types of devices that you will be able to use a calendar on. You do not have to worry about anything else if you use an electronic calendar instead. It is a lot better than writing dates down and having to remember them, by looking at them. If you use an electronic device, you will not have to worry about reminding yourself. The device will remind you at the time and dates that you have selected. They will remind you with a ringtone, or which ever way you choose for it to. If you want to remember dates, then you should always remember to put in all of your dates on your electronic calendar. You will begin to see how much more convenient this really is for you, once you get the hang of it. A lot more people are really looking into these types of calendars, and not really paying any more attention to regular calendars anymore. If you want to take advantage of this type of calendar, you should consider looking into it, and begin using it to while you can.

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Looking Over Available Technology in a Home for Schedules

Keeping up with a busy family can be a full time job. Fortunately, several types of technology offer a way to make it easier. You can streamline your calendars, to-do lists, shopping lists and more with online programs such as Cozi, Famundo and Home Convenience. These sites let you color code your schedule by family member and have options for email or text message reminders. Not only will you have all the information you need in one handy place, you can also allow others access. Instead of copying information into multiple calendars, have your husband log in from work to update his schedule. Mobile features even give you access on to go, so you’ll never forget your shopping list or errands agenda again.

These online planners can also help you record the memorable moments of your everyday life. Cozi lets you create photo collages and an online journal. Famundo gives you a social family homepage where you can share pictures and events and even keep a family blog. For advanced organizational features, Home Convenience helps you store medical records, motor vehicle information and a home inventory in one safe place. With the help of these technologies, you can spend less time coordinating your schedules and corralling to-do lists and more time simply enjoying your family.

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Remembering Important Dates by Utilizing a Mobile Phone Calendar

There are many different ways that people can actually use a mobile phone calendar to help them remember important dates. There are many dates that people would really like to remember, but they end up really having a hard time doing so. These things are all possible if you just use your mobile calendar. Every cell phone whether it is old or new has a calendar. It is not an ordinary calendar though. You will be able to put the dates in that you like of your choice. When those dates come up, your phone will remind you in some type of way. You will be able to choose the way that you would like to have the phone remind you. It is very simple.

If you want to be reminded of a special day, you can. You can put in birthdays and do so much more. It just all depends. Your phone will go off on the day and time that you specify. It can get any better than that. It is also a whole lot better than actually using a real paper calender, because you still may forget. Your phone, on the other hand, is usually always with you, so you can be reminded at any time and day.

Mobile phone calendars come in handy to whatever extent you need them to. They all do something totally different and you have many different features that you may be able to take advantage of. When you begin using these calendars, you will never end up forgetting anyone’s birthday or another holiday again. You can put down doctor’s appointments and other events. You can use it just like any other calendar. You can make the best of this calendar right on your very own mobile phone. They really work great.

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Utilizing the Computer to Keep Children’s Events Visible

Many moms strive to ensure that their kids get the best in terms of education, entertainment, as well as extra curricular activities. By ensuring that their kids needs are well taken care of parents will be glad to have a happy, healthy and stress-free family.

Children’s activities away from school and home are an important way of ensuring that kids are occupied, have fun, are entertained and get to learn and interact with other kids as well. It is important that kids Continue reading ‘Utilizing the Computer to Keep Children’s Events Visible’

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Tips for Keeping Important Appointments and Events in Mind

It seems like in today’s world, everything is very fast-paced. With a job, a family, and tasks at home, it oftentimes becomes very difficult to remember important events, such as birthdays, meetings, etc. Although one may try to simply recall this information from their head, aid is often needed in this area. There are several ways to help remind yourself, including installing an application on your phone where you can input dates and events and request that a ringtone Continue reading ‘Tips for Keeping Important Appointments and Events in Mind’